Thursday, February 21, 2013

layered paintings

I try to make art often but I usually stick with watercolor/gouache and ink. I haven't stepped into the world of painting with acrylics in a long time. I checked out this book from the library and it inspired me to start painting again. In college I did a lot of painting, but since U was born it seemed too messy and involved for me to do big projects with paint. You can't quite stop in the middle of a painting to pick up a crying baby the same way you can if you were just drawing. So painting has been off the table for me (although U certainly has done tempura and finger painting at home). Now that U is getting older, I thought we should try to do a painting project together while the baby napped.

After visiting the library the other day, we decided to peek in our local art store to get inspired. We stop in there often to pick up a new pen or some fabric dye or whatever bits we need for a project. They had these super thick cardboard panels for painting, so I let U pick out the size he wanted and I chose one for myself. I told him we were going to do some layered paintings, that we would plan out and take our time with doing a little each day during S's morning nap. He was excited to get started and wanted to paint a city with lots of buildings.

So we headed home to get started. I still had some old acrylics and gesso from my painting days, so we decided to use what we had in terms of paint. That night after an early supper, U and I gessoed our boards and set out to dry. The next morning we started painting. I wasn't sure how into it U would get as he loves using markers and pens and he has much better control making shapes that way. He still isn't used to painting objects as opposed to drawing them. So I had him use pencil to sketch before he started painting. I painted a blue background and then rolled over some reddish/pink paint and practiced  wiping away color. I think next I am going to add some more paint and then maybe some ink drawings on top- not sure. U wanted to just get started with the paint instead of doing different layers, so I let him go for it. I think he is still a little young to really plan out the painting in the way I was thinking and he needs a little practice with using a paintbrush. He enjoyed it, but I think drawing is still his favorite way to make art (and he is crazy prolific with the drawings!). I loved it and it was meditative in the same way that drawing can be for me. I would love to make some really big paintings, although I will need to stock up on some more supplies. Are any of you painters? What are your favorite tools? I guess I am still figuring out the least expensive and best material to paint on. Any tips?

I would love to make some big family paintings for our walls, which are pretty bare at this point. I was waiting until we re-painted the living room to make new art for our house, but I am realizing it might take a while until we get the chance to paint and some art would be nice in the meantime.

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  1. Uzi's painting is very nice! Tell him I've got that card he gave me up on my fridge. :) I've never really gotten into painting you know, but I love those prismacolor markers.