Tuesday, February 19, 2013

on the up and up

Oh, a whole week has gone by without a post! I had intended to write here more frequently and I hope to post more often soon. I am still learning about how to set this thing up, which I am sure will be a work in progress for a while.

Part of the reason for my lack of writing, was that on Valentine's Day I started to feel under the weather in a very familiar way. I spent my morning at a helper at U's school, where there were coughs and runny noses a-plenty. I was particularly exhausted after my shift so when we came home, U and I had a little rest (well, I napped and he listened to some sparkle stories). When I woke up I felt like I has mastitis, which I am unfortunately very familiar with. I went into a sort of panic, fight-it-off sort of mode and started taking lots of tinctures and drinking loads of nettle tea and such.

 I still managed to make our annual Valentine's dinner and it was delicious. We always have spaghetti carbonara with roasted brussel sprouts. I still haven't settled on which dessert we should have every year, this year I made chocolate mousse and it was divine and felt like a special treat so that might have sealed the deal. We'll see. I spent the rest of the weekend on the mend and fighting off the infection. I think I am in now the clear and successfully fought it off without antibiotics for the first time ever! I am loving the tinctures from this company, I think this one was key to keeping the infection at bay. U and I have been taking their immune boosting tinctures this winter and we haven't had a single cold or sickness yet!

We did make one outing this weekend, when I felt like I had been lying down for long enough and could use a little fresh air. We went to J's favorite brewery as kind of a late birthday treat. U and Josh go here every once in a while and U loves it. They bring a deck of cards and spend some time together. U calls it the "beer-ary" and will actually request to go. The boys also stopped by this cafe on Saturday morning and brought me back a chocolate croissant. I wasn't going to have more than a bite because I was trying to avoid sweets until I felt better, but I ended up eating the whole thing because it was the best chocolate croissant I have had in my whole life!

Today is sunny, so I am looking forward to spending some time in the garden, getting things ready for planting and maybe starting a few things. We bought a whole bunch of flower seeds last week, and I am excited to get some of them in the ground soon. I also read in this book about making a living willow play fort so I want to do a little more research on that. I am so thankful to be feeling better and able to get out today and enjoy the rare winter sunshine.

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