Thursday, February 28, 2013

purim and hamantaschen

These days have been good. Lots of time outdoors, playing at the park, bike riding, working on the garden. Hopefully this weekend we will get a little sun and start planting some seeds! We already planted a couple of things- forget-me-nots under the apple tree and johnny jump-ups in the playhouse's window box. Now comes peas and fava beans and those early veggies and flowers. 

This weekend was Purim, which we celebrated by making hamantaschen! That's about as far as our celebrating went this year. This recipe is our favorite. In years past I have made all sorts of different fillings- I think last year we made poppyseed and apricot. This year we just used jam- a store bought blackberry and our homemade nectarine as the filling. They were delicious. We actually made them on Friday and ate them as dessert for Shabbat while watching this movie. The boys ate a whole big plate of them. We had plans to celebrate Purim in other ways, but we just felt like staying at home. Next year! 

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