Tuesday, February 12, 2013

to health and happiness!

    (A valentine U made me and wrapped up in paper)

Oh, what a week it has been! There have been a lot of medical issues for my boy lately, so this week we had to have EMT's come to our house and needed to visit to the emergency room. He is now doing fine and his take away from the whole experience was that he got to watch a funny cartoon in the hospital. I hope we can get his medical troubles squared away so we won't have to go to the hospital on a regular basis, and he won't have to miss lots of school. It is hard to see him so sick.

I was alone with both kids at the hospital, which was not the easiest thing. I just wanted to climb in the little bed and snuggle with my boy, but the baby was fussy so I ended up walking her up and down the hallway trying to get her to fall asleep. There was a big Nikki McClure print in the hallway, which was so perfect and also just so awesome to see in the hospital. It reminded me of her prints in the rooms at the birthing center where I went when I was pregnant with U. But man, I am thankful for the nurses who are so skilled at dealing with little ones and make drawing blood and putting I.V's in seem like no big thing. He wasn't scared at all which was a big relief for me. And he got juice, a popsicle, and t.v. which are definitely considered treats around here, so I think that helped ease his discomfort.

At home, we have been making valentines. This is U's first year of making them for his friends at school. We do some version of these every year, usually just for family. I just love the way they look and that he can pretty much do the whole thing himself.  When I was a kid I remember making the same ones every year, paper heart doilies which I would watercolor and sometimes add stickers

We watercolored sheets of paper and cut out hearts and U has been drawing little pictures on them and writing his friends names. We have also been making some where you draw or write with a white crayon and then paint over to reveal the surprise message. I made one for him to paint over on Valentine's morning.

We pulled out a big oregon grape plant in the yard this weekend. I love the plant in the forest, but we are trying to clear away some of the woodsy parts of our yard to make room for more edibles. We are planning to plant our plum tree where the oregon grape was. But I am saving some big roots to make a tincture with- need to do a little more research on that. When I used to backpack, we would pull up a little root and chew on it while hiking. It has a lot of immune boosting benefits and we thought it would counteract any effects of drinking untreated water. I never did get sick on those trips, although we were in pretty wild territory with fresh snowmelt to drink most of the time.

I am starting to get a little anxious for spring. On our walk to the store the other morning we spotted a yard full of new crocuses sprouting. And a few tiny irises. This is our first spring in our house and I am so excited to see what pops up. We planted some bulbs, but I have noticed there are a ton of green shoots coming up all around the yard. We did dig up a lot of huge irises to make room for veggies, but we tried to transplant them to the front. I hope they survive the move.

I can't wait for a little sunshine!

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