Tuesday, February 5, 2013

birthdays and holly trees

We had a good, quiet weekend. J's birthday was on Friday, so it was up to him how he wanted to celebrate. He wanted to just relax and spend time at home, so that is what we did. He requested brisket and apple pie for his birthday meal, so we had that along with a yummy salad of butter lettuce and this dressing, which is absolutely delicious drizzled on top of anything. 

This is little U's decoration. He couldn't blow up the balloons, so he taped them together like a rainbow. I accidentally broke it by needing to actually open up those cabinets. We woke up early and decorated the house with streamers and things and U made him some great cards and drawings. On one card we wrote down reasons why we love Abba (hebrew for dad, which is what U calls him), and U included "We have him and he is so nice" and "he does a lot of working like he cut down the holly tree". 

Which we did this weekend. Saturday we were blessed with clear skies and even a little sunshine, so we used the good weather as an opportunity to clear some space for our soon-to-be-arriving new plants and trees. We moved into our house in the Spring and S was born about a week later, so there are many yard and house projects that we are excited to finally (hopefully!) get a chance to tackle this season. We planted up the veggie garden in the summer, but now we are ready to make some more serious changes to our yard. And by that I mean, more edibles and plants that we love! 

Our yard does already have a lot of fruit trees- we have figs, apples, pear, plum, and grapes. But most of the trees are neglected and not producing very well. We are trying to prune them ourselves, but came to the conclusion this weekend that our huge old apple tree might benefit from the help of a professional (those branches go high!). And we want to plant a lot of varieties that we actually love and will use and preserve and eat. So out with a prickly, invasive holly tree and in with an english plum! We cleared room in the raspberries for two dwarfing apple trees (liberty and a variety of fuji for J), and moved the irises and other flowers to the front yard, so we could make room for rhubarb and strawberries. 

I could go on and on about the garden and yard and our plans, but maybe I will wait for another day. I would love to share all of the new plants we are adding to the yard as some are quite exciting and new to me to grow (goji! flowering quince!). I know there will be plenty of time in the upcoming weeks and months to write about the garden and how it unfolds. Can't wait! What are your garden plans?

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