Friday, May 24, 2013


Well, our family has certainly gone through some big changes in the last couple months. Josh lost his job, which has always been a huge fear of mine, as I stay at home with the kiddos and he is the sole provider for the family. After the shock and fear wore off, I was filled with a sort of thankfulness for this nudge for our family to change directions. Honestly, money was so extremely tight and it really wasn't sustainable for us, but we felt stuck. It was too much of a risk to try to switch to a new career, but now he gets that chance. I am not sure what the future will bring, but I hope he can find something that fulfills him and where he can grow. Fingers crossed that something really great comes our way!

In the mean time, we are enjoying the extra family time. We have been working in the garden, going on some trips and adventures, eating lots of good food, and enjoying the bits of sunshine that have been shining our way. We are finally realizing a more formal schedule would help all of us, and I am hoping that it will give me some time to work on this blog and make some art. I have lots of new things to share!

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