Thursday, June 6, 2013

road trip to california!

My boy was born in Spring. And here in Portland, Spring is oftentimes very rainy. We decided for birthday number five that he would have his first party with friends, and he was very excited for it and helped me plan the whole thing. He decided his party was going to be all about "flowers in the forest" in honor of our most magical forest-y, farm-y yard.

But at the beginning of the week before his party, we checked the weather forecast. And it was supposed to be very cold and very rainy. Our house is extremely tiny and there is no way we could fit 8 or so kids and their parents in our place. Plus, the party was going to be all about being outside and doing outside things- so we had to postpone the party. After we checked the weather here in the Northwest, we looked at the weather in California. Sunny, super sunny, high 70's. So a birthday roadtrip was thrown together last minute for our boy. All the grandparents are in the Bay Area, all within an hour or so of each other, so that certainly sweetened the deal given that we would be in the car for 10-12 hours (with no stereo, I might add). It was our first drive down with the baby, so we weren't quite sure how it would go. But it went fabulously! We had an awesome time, soaked up some much-needed sunshine, and got lots of family and friend love (it was the grandpas' first time meeting Shosh!).

Here are some of our old (and new) favorite spots to visit in the Bay Area:

eating cinnamon toast and drinking coffee sitting on some driftwood at Trouble.
eating my most favorite egg and avocado sandwiches from here to eat on the beach in half moon bay.
getting some inexpensive paper and crafty things at daiso.
frozen yogurt with shaved chocolate in palo alto at fraiche.
going to this tiny zoo and museum where I used to go when I was little.
stopping by this store for some new playsilks (including some huge ones I bought to make curtains)
eating some jewish deli food in san francisco, followed by some ice cream.
spending some time at the river.

We are heading back down south again soon, this time camping along the way. I can't wait!