Friday, July 5, 2013

flowers in the forest fairy birthday party

After we returned home, we found a sunny weekend to have Uzi's party. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun! He wanted to have a "Flowers in the Forest" party, in honor of our magical yard, so we planned around that. I am not a big party person, so naturally we kept everything as simple as possible. We sewed some banners (including some tiny wool felt ones that the squirrels ate the next day!), and bought some paper lanterns, balloons, and streamers to decorate. It was a fun little outing to go to our local party store and choose a few things with the birthday boy.

I checked out some books about fairy houses to read or peruse during the party. We found some coir pots (that you plant right in the ground) at the nursery and bought some wildflower seeds for friends to plant at the party and bring home. We also had some paper masks to color and wear. I sewed some fairy wands from wool felt and ribbons and stuffed with wool. The kids had fun going on a simple treasure hunt around the yard to find their wands. After I read a fairy house book, the kids were inspired to build their own. I had been collecting things for the kids to build with (pinecones, shells, sticks, etc.) and brought the bucket out and let the kids go to town.   They had a lot of fun building it and adding streamers and snacks for the fairies. It was an awesome party and I was so glad everything went swimmingly and my boy had such a special day.

(I didn't have a chance to take any photos of the party before or during the event, so the ones above are from after the party).

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