Friday, August 30, 2013

a family tradition

Every year since Uzi has been born, we head up north to an organic farm to camp, watch our friends' bands play music, swim in a fast river, and wake up early to watch the barn swallows swoop swiftly around the hay bales. It's a beautiful farm, a lovely place to camp, and an awesome spot for our pre-kids life and current one to commingle. Most of our friends play music (as do Josh and I) and we try to go to their shows as much as possible. Unfortunately, there aren't many spots for all-ages shows in town and we have to skip out on a lot of events. 

Uzi loves music, he loves watching and listening and could sing perfectly on key when he was a mere babe. He notices all sorts of details in songs and picks out instruments and just really pays attention to all of it. He loves watching our friends play and will just sit there intensely focused on the show until it is finished. So really any opportunity we get to take him to a show our friends' are playing, we are there. And this spot just happens to be probably the best spot for family music watching, farm playing, spending time with our friends, and camping amongst the apple trees. 

This year we picked lots of wild blackberries, stayed up super late to watch Lake play (love this video!), hiked through the tall grass to find a secret river spot, made willow crowns, and jumped off hay bales. Uzi got to cross the river with Josh for the first time this year (it is a very swift river!) while Shoshi and I watched from the muddy banks. We headed home tired, dirty, and happy with a basket overflowing with delicious veggies. A wonderful summer tradition. 

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