Monday, September 16, 2013

birthdays and a new year.

Well, summer is coming to end around here. The weather is still piping hot, but school has begun and our long days at home have transformed into school drop-offs and pick-ups and early suppers and bedtimes. We had a great summer, it felt so busy and full with lots of trips and visitors. I think we have a few more weekend adventures planned, with at least one more trip to the river this weekend, but soon our hot summer days will begin to cool off and there will be apples and soups and darkness. 

I had a birthday and turned 31! The same day our first born headed to his first day of kindergarten and that evening we celebrated the first night of Rosh Hashanah, the jewish new year, with family and friends. We celebrated my birthday by heading to the beautiful Opal Creek Wilderness, where I swam in the coldest, deepest pools of gorgeous green water and climbed up huge smooth rocks. And then the next evening we headed to my favorite spot for celebrating my birthday with delicious wood fired pizza and my favorite ice cream in town

With the new year, comes time for reflection. Autumn always feels like the "real" new year to me, as opposed to the first day of January. So for our family, this is the time to celebrate and reflect. I have lots of ideas and goals for the coming year, and I am excited for all the changes this new year will bring. 

Also, if you are looking for the best apple cake in the world: it's this

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  1. i didn't know jewish calendar started the year on september, but it makes more sense than january... i've always had the feeling that a new year starts on september (after holidays, the end of summer and back to school when it was time!).