Sunday, September 1, 2013

hikes with kids: McLane Creek, Olympia

When we took our trip up north to camp at the farm, we stopped in Olympia to visit some friends, grab some snacks, and take a little hike in the forest. When I lived in Olympia, I would often go to McLane Creek to draw and explore. I have fond memories of dipping my feet in the cold creek with a friend and throwing rocks into the mud across the water. It is a great little loop hike through wetlands, a pond, the forest and a creek. There is a nice little boardwalk across the marshy areas with little observation decks overlooking the pond, which is fun for the little ones. I had been wanting to take Uzi there for a long time and I thought this trip was the perfect opportunity to stop by and visit. 

The kids both loved it. Uzi was off looking for beavers and orange-bellied salamanders, and Shoshi just sat in the cold water and played with rocks. We ate some red huckleberries along the way and tried to catch some little fish. It is a beautiful, easy, and fun hike for the kiddos, well worth a stop if you are in the area. In autumn you can see the salmon spawning in the creek, and in the spring the ponds are filled with tree frogs and red-winged blackbirds flying amongst the cattails. Hopefully we will make another trip up north to go mushroom hunting in the fall and we will stop by the creek and explore some more. 

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