Friday, October 18, 2013

our garden in autumn: planting garlic, shallots, and bulbs.

The summer garden is done. I am bringing in the last of the tomatoes to ripen on the windowsill. We dug up the last of the potatoes. We have spent the last few weeks getting the garden ready for winter. We planted lots of cover crop, removed blackberries and oregon grape, and cleaned things up a bit. There is still plenty to do and some things we will save for winter, like pruning all the fruit trees and transplanting raspberry volunteers. I love how easy it is to clean up the garden when it is cold and plants come easily out of the dirt.

I am leaving some of the calendula in and we still have some squash growing. I planted some kale, swiss chard, spinach, and broccoli in our little hoop house. I am curious to see how it does and how long it will hold out this winter. We planted tons of garlic and shallots, as those were a pleasure to grow this year and they thrive in our climate. This year we made sure to plant lots of hardneck garden instead of the softneck, so we can eat lots of scapes in early summer. Garlic scapes are one of my favorite things to eat! We planted most of the garlic and the shallots in the strawberry and lemon balm bed. We planted some brassicas in that bed this summer, but they were overwhelmed with aphids and were fed to the chickens.

The soil is looking really healthy (much better than where we started), and I am excited for all the years of gardening we will have in this house. I felt such an urgency to get everything done garden-wise this spring and summer, and now I realize that it will take many years to get the garden where I want it to be. Especially with a one year old. Each year will get easier. And every year we will do what we can to make our yard an even more magical, fruitful place.

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