Sunday, October 20, 2013

the mushroom hunt

On Sunday, we headed to the woods to hunt for mushrooms. We were looking exclusively for chantrelles, which I crave intensely every autumn and refuse to buy from the market because they are so abundant in our forests. Chantrelles are also easy to spot and for kids to identify on their own. We left a little late in the day, but filled our baskets before the sun set. The sun was filtering through the trees as we searched. It was a lovely day, warm and sunny for this time of year. 

I spent my college years as an avid mushroom hunter, wandering through the wet forest and bringing bags and bags full of them home. I would eat them with everything and dehydrate enough to last until I could pick again. I have been wanting to share this love with kids for a while, as I feel like it is such a  fun treasure hunt, so perfect for kids. We had a blast and I think we will be heading up to the mountain again soon to pick some more. Until then there with be lots of mushrooms on the menu (I am thinking mushroom soup, chantrelles and eggs for breakfast, and pizza). Delicious! 

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