Monday, January 27, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014

U: this week you were the student of the week in your class and you shared photos of yourself and wrote about your favorite things: you like swimming, you like pancakes, you like beavers and marmots, you like to make art. You showed your class how to make a little book from one sheet of paper, and you all wrote stories and drew pictures in your books. Your book was about beavers. We headed north this weekend and you went canoeing and heard lots of stories from Norway and Iceland. You built fairy houses. You found lots of treasures this weekend: pieces of wood that beavers chipped from a tree, a great blue heron feather, a beaver stuffie from a friend, some magic coins the fairies left. 

S: You love taking care of babies and animals and tucking them in for "night night". Sometimes I find you tucked in with them somewhere in the house pretending to sleep. It is very sweet. You went canoeing this week too, although I think you preferred collecting feathers and throwing rocks in the water. You kept climbing up the big ladder to go into the loft at the cabin, you have no fear about those sorts of things. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

art show in portland!

At the beginning of December, my friend invited me to share an art show with her at a local cafe here in town. We are both busy mamas that love making art, but have a hard time finding the time to pursue it. Well, having a show open in one month was a fabulous motivator and I was able to make all the paintings above (however, I did not find the time to photograph them well)! It was a busy month with lots of juggling, but I am happy I made new things and get to share them with others. If you live in Portland, please come check out the show! It will be up until the beginning of January at the Ugly Mug Cafe in Sellwood. It was so much fun to make art again, and I am hoping to keep it up! 


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014

S: lady, you are delightful these days. you are repeating everything we say and it is incredibly sweet.  you snuggle and love to take care of people. you pat your brother on his back when he is upset and kiss his head. your favorite food right now is salsa and whenever I open the fridge you ask for it. after we dropped Uzi at school on Friday you said "au revoir, uzi"! 

U: today you climbed up the rock pile with Abba and were so excited to wave to me from way up high.   when we got home you made your own mountain climber harness and were trying to find things to hang from. you made rice pudding all by yourself (with mama watching) for breakfast this morning. delicious. you draw pictures of beavers and marmots everyday. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

this week

This week we've been:

celebrating tu b'shevat
eating almond olive oil cake (without the glaze- this is one of our simple favorites)
drinking lots of tea
watching call the midwife (I am really loving that show!)
visiting the bookstore
spending time with an out-of-town friend

Looking forward to: shabbat, family movie time, doing art projects with my boy, and doing some clean-up work in the garden. Also, I am trying to majorly de-clutter the garage and weed out our book collection (so hard!). I am one of those people that love organizing and getting rid of things, I find it quite relaxing.

Cheers to a happy weekend!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


A photo a week of each of my children for a year.

This week was taking Grammie to the airport, canning applesauce, hanging my art show, first week back at school, climbing trees, playing in the woods, and a slow weekend at home. It's been rainy and windy. Popcorn and Fiddler on the Roof. Carrot date muffins and bowls of warm applesauce. Squash soup and roast chicken.

U made a sweet little home for his pretend pet lizard today. With a chimney, a little bed, a dragonfly doll, and an oven.

Shoshi pointed at a jar in the fridge and said "salsa!". It made me crack up. When you say "I love you Shoshi" to her, she says in return "I love you chicken".

Sunday, January 5, 2014


U: you have hiked a great deal this week, with an unending love and enthusiasm for the wonders of the woods. i love your joy.
S: you have been talking up a storm. i love listening to you.

I am joining in on the 52 weeks project, where you take a photo a week of each of your kiddos. I am excited to participate!