Monday, January 27, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014

U: this week you were the student of the week in your class and you shared photos of yourself and wrote about your favorite things: you like swimming, you like pancakes, you like beavers and marmots, you like to make art. You showed your class how to make a little book from one sheet of paper, and you all wrote stories and drew pictures in your books. Your book was about beavers. We headed north this weekend and you went canoeing and heard lots of stories from Norway and Iceland. You built fairy houses. You found lots of treasures this weekend: pieces of wood that beavers chipped from a tree, a great blue heron feather, a beaver stuffie from a friend, some magic coins the fairies left. 

S: You love taking care of babies and animals and tucking them in for "night night". Sometimes I find you tucked in with them somewhere in the house pretending to sleep. It is very sweet. You went canoeing this week too, although I think you preferred collecting feathers and throwing rocks in the water. You kept climbing up the big ladder to go into the loft at the cabin, you have no fear about those sorts of things.