Saturday, January 18, 2014

art show in portland!

At the beginning of December, my friend invited me to share an art show with her at a local cafe here in town. We are both busy mamas that love making art, but have a hard time finding the time to pursue it. Well, having a show open in one month was a fabulous motivator and I was able to make all the paintings above (however, I did not find the time to photograph them well)! It was a busy month with lots of juggling, but I am happy I made new things and get to share them with others. If you live in Portland, please come check out the show! It will be up until the beginning of January at the Ugly Mug Cafe in Sellwood. It was so much fun to make art again, and I am hoping to keep it up! 


  1. these are all lovely! hello from another artist and mama from the UK! It's so lovely to find you x