Monday, March 10, 2014

a spring morning nature walk with my boy

On Friday night, my boy and I decided to wake up early and go looking for beavers at a nature area near our house. Uzi's favorite animal is the beaver (and marmots as well, but we will have to head to the mountains to spot any of those) and the canyon near our house is home to many. There are also many ducks and geese, as well as salmon and river otters. We visit at least once a month hoping to spot a few special creatures.

Spring is slowly nearing and we were delighting in the new blossoms and buds. The skunk cabbage was out (although not fragrant yet), the horsetail was sprouting all over the forest floor, the indian plum had blossoms and leaves, the red flowering currant (Uzi's favorite) was budding, the first cherry trees were blossoming and the violets were ready for eating. We snacked on some little violets and picked the first of the nettles. 

We packed a jar of hot cocoa and some muesli and snacked in the cold morning air. This time, we circled the whole canyon, visiting spots we had never seen before. We stayed for hours. We built some fairy houses in the nooks between logs. We found some nature mandalas along the trail. We made arrows from sticks, leaves, and blossoms. We spotted many beaver dams, but did not see any beavers that morning. We didn't mind though, we had such a good time together, just me and my boy. 

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