Wednesday, March 19, 2014

last weekend

We normally head out on some sort of outdoor adventure on saturdays, but this week we decided to stay home and work on projects in the yard. I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish, and although the list barely got touched, we did manage to get a few things crossed off.

The previous owners of our house left a good amount of wood building supplies behind the shed and lots of old paint. We finally loaded all of that into the car and Josh took it to Metro to be recycled or otherwise taken care of. It felt good to finally clear all those things out. I pulled out lots of blackberries and managed to prune the kiwi and our fuchsias while chasing the babe. I cleaned out the shed and bought all the outdoor toys into the yard. We are getting so excited for Spring!

We also celebrated Purim this weekend, dressing up and attending a very fun carnival and making lots of delicious hamantaschen. Uzi was a lion and Shoshi was a kitty. I somehow only managed to get a photo of Shosh, Uzi was busy making a special lion drawing to tape to his costume and ran out the door at the last minute. Oh, that boy and his projects! Love it.

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