Tuesday, March 25, 2014

springing and this year's garden


Spring has arrived in Portland. The plum trees in front of our house are an explosion of pink blossoms that land in our hair in a shower of petals. Our azalea and forsythia are blooming, all bright pink and yellow, and the daffodils have popped up all over our yard. The days are filled with quick rain showers and bits of sun. We try to run outside when we notice the sun peeking out and soak it all in.

These last few days have been brilliantly sunny and we have been spending almost the entirety of them outdoors. We celebrated the first day of spring with our annual trip to the rhododendron garden, this time the whole family in tow. We have been clearing up the garden and planting seeds. We set up the bean teepee in a new spot this year, right in the middle of the back garden. I created new beds and chopped in all the cover crop. Our soil is really improving since we first moved in and each year it is easier to work with. I love watching the progress we are making and I can't wait until the new berries and fruit trees we planted are fruiting prolifically. This year we don't have the funds to purchase any bigger plants beyond seeds, but am looking forward to planting some more elderberries, lingonberries, hydrangeas, and other things in the future. Also hoping to have room one day to plant a nectarine tree, once we cut down the old fir tree.

I am so excited for this season in the garden. Now that Shoshi is older, it will be easier to get back there and I am hoping I will have a lot more time to spend taking care of things. It was hard when the first year we were here she was a newborn, and the second year she was a new walker and very unsteady on her feet (not so easy to get around in our bumpy garden). I am also trying to teach the kids how to navigate walking around the garden without stepping on the new plants (I lost many plants last year to accidental kid stomping), and am trying to set up very clear boundaries about where and where not to walk. I am lining the beds with broken up old raspberry canes to create a little fence of sorts, and making sure the rocks lining the paths are nice and clear. Our strawberries are still stomped on constantly, as are our garlic and shallots, so I am trying to discourage walking in those beds and keeping my fingers crossed that the plants are hardy enough to withstand some kid wear and tear.

Also, this year I am hoping to have a set seed planting day (here's looking to you, sunday) once a week so I have a nice succession of things to eat. I am trying to be even more practical with the garden this year and make sure we have enough to eat every week and some left over to preserve or freeze. Often I want to plant in one big go and then be done with it, but by planting a little every week we will be able to spread out the veggie deliciousness.

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  1. it's crazy how spring can light up spirits... lovely photos!