Monday, March 17, 2014

visits up north in late winter

In January, we headed up north to spend a weekend with friends at their family cabin. The cabin was built by our friend's grandfather and is in a little Norwegian village. We all had lots of fun staying up late visiting with friends, eating delicious food (mmm, oysters!), and listening to lots of great Norwegian folklore. Uzi and Shoshi went on their first canoe rides, and Uzi went out quite a few times because he loved it so much. I got to go out on the water with just the ladies. We paddled out to a little cove with a rope swing and watched the birds swoop in and out of trees with the sun sparkling on the water. It was magical. 

There was loads of sunshine (which was unusual and special for this time of year), which felt so nice.  We spent time playing near the lake and walking along a little creek in the forest. We also got to hear a great horned owl in the woods which was a big thrill for all of us, and Uzi found some wood that a beaver had gnawed (score!). A man near the lake also gave Uzi some great blue heron feathers, which he put in his special treasures basket. 

I love watching Uzi develop relationships over the years with our friends, it is so lovely to see the kinship he forms with them and the different things he learns from each of them. When we are all together, I really see the benefits of having lots of loving adults in the lives of our kids. Most of them have known him since the day he was born, and now he is almost six! And they all have something new to teach him or a story to share or a joke that will crack him up. I love it. It was a wonderful, short trip and hopefully we will all meet up in the spring or summer for a big group camp-out. 

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