Monday, April 7, 2014

what I have been making

(the colors on the bottom were not included in the invite, they are just the dashes that happen when you paint with watercolors. I love them so, though. I always want to include them in the actual piece)

I am hoping to document more of the art I have been making. Here are two pieces I have recently finished, an invitation to a birthday party and a bigger piece that is for an auction for Uzi's old preschool. I often never think about photographing my art until the last minute, so I am going to try to take more photos of the process as well as the finished piece. I am always so rushed trying to finish and frame things, that taking photographs often feels like an afterthought that I don't have time for!

Having the art show in January was a great incentive to get back to making art. I loved having a deadline, although the pace was not sustainable for me in my day-to-day life. I was literally spending every minute I did not have the kids with me making things for the show. I am trying to find small ways to incorporate making art into my day besides just drawing little sketches in my notebook. I do a lot of that, but it is hard to find the space and time for deeper work, like playing with my inks and watercolors and making more polished pieces. I often don't want to drag all of my materials out because the kids will get into it or as soon as I sit down after setting it all up, I will need to move on to something else more urgent. So I don't have any solutions just yet, but am going to make a conscious effort with it. As well as having some perspective and remembering that my little one will not be so little, and into everything, for much longer.