Monday, June 30, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here. These are a little late, because we were off camping this weekend. These photos were taken in an old lake bed near where we were camping. U was catching butterflies and dragonflies and playing in the sand with friends, and S was running around exploring and picking daisies. 

U: Your final week of kindergarten. It has been a wonderful year, with lots of learning, and I am so happy to have you home all day in the summer. I have missed you while you are at school all day! So far you have enjoyed staying in your pajamas all day and making all sorts of creations. Today you made a bow and arrow, and now you are making a beaver flag in the kitchen. 

S: My little chipmunk. You made a cool spoon necklace with the scouts while camping and did an obstacle course over and over again. You spent most of the camping trip escaping and running away from us. You can now unzip the tent. You sing songs in French all day long. You know all about marmots, and angler fish, and all sorts of strange things because you have a big brother. You are wild and loving. 

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