Sunday, July 27, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here.

On a hike with family to a big waterfall. Uzi, painting his face like a beaver with clay he ground from  rocks. Shoshi, staring into the river. 

U: This week you went to a "forest magic" camp, where you were so stoked to get to "make so many things, almost all out of nature". You learned lots of stories about fairies and built them houses and made candy and so many treasures. 

S: you are always singing in french (although you get a lot of the words wrong) and are always requesting we sing you your favorites, une souris verte and au claire de la lune and am stram gram. you stepped on a bee yesterday, your first sting. It was right after Abba got stung, so we thought you went just empathizing and fake crying along with him, until we realized you had a stinger sticking out of your foot! You acted liked it was no big deal. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here.

Swimming on the Molalla River, Oregon.

U: this week has been full of swimming, drawing, scootering, and playing lots of games with your sister. getting stacks of new books at the library, and reading them all. You are swimming so well, and loving it. You never want to stop.

S: you are quite the little nurturer and leader. this morning you were patting your brother and asking "how you wake up?". You call him "honey boy" and stroke his hair and pat him and always check on him when he is sad. You also direct him as to where to walk on the sidewalk and try to get him to hurry up. It is amazing to me that mothering instincts start so young.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

summer, and thoughts of schooling and learning at home.

 Summer is here and we are so excited! School went until almost the end of June this year, so we have been eagerly awaiting these long days at home (or off adventuring). Summer kicked off with a camping trip with the scouts (if anyone is looking for an alternative to the boy scouts, I highly recommend checking out this inclusive, open and co-ed scouting program- it's awesome). Then there were visits from the grandparents, fourth of july barbecues and fireworks, and now it feels like we are settling into our summer groove.

Uzi started swimming lessons last week, so those kind of anchor our days at this point. We play at home, head to swimming, play at the park, run errands or go to the library and then head home for lunch and Shoshi's nap. Then while Shoshana is napping, Uzi and I have been working on projects from this book. I started to gather projects and ideas from everywhere, but then I realized this book has enough projects to take us through summer. I set him up with a lovely hardcover blank book from here, which is his summer journal and where he puts his projects we complete.

Right now we are working through the "young authors" chapter, so we are all about writing poems and making lists. I definitely want to make it a priority to follow the chapters on growing globally (maps, neighborhoods, learning about the world) and raising the citizens of tomorrow (all about feelings/emotional literacy). I know he wants to do some science projects and art (always), so we will make time for that as well.

Normally, I am all about semi-ignoring the children and letting them run wild and free. I trust that they will learn all they need to learn at the appropriate times all on their own. I pretty much never set them up with anything, they come up with ideas and peruse them on their own. Everyone compliments me for my son being so artistic, but honestly I didn't really do anything to make that happen. It was all him. I don't give him any ideas for projects or materials, I virtually never set him up with a project (seriously it has happened maybe 3 times). So when I see that so much creativity has blossomed all its own, without me and my adult concepts in the way, I feel like I don't really need to get involved or come up with projects. I often find if I set up a project, it lasts a few minutes and then I have to clean it up for way longer. Not worth it for me, and it doesn't really engage either of my kids like a project they come up with on their own.

But hey, pinterest and books and homeschooling blogs have so many good ideas that I would like to try. Since my older kiddo is in school all day all year long, I feel like I miss out on many things I want to teach him and make with him. Also, since he goes to immersion school and does not learn any English language skills at this point, I think maybe I should help teach him how to read and write a little more neatly. Although, he has been reading short reader type books lately all on his own. So maybe I actually don't have to teach him much, and it will probably all fall into place when he is ready. But, I am giving it a try because he wants to do it. I mean it's not much and it's things he really already does on his own (say, write a story and draw a picture to go along with it). He loves it so far and it's been an awesome way to send time together, just the two of us, and make it a priority to complete some of those projects he has been wanting to do forever (I'm looking at you, paper mache).

Next week he is going to his first camp! He really didn't want to go to any camps this summer, but this one popped up and is short and sweet and so perfect for him. He is excited for it and I am glad to find a little something special for him to do on his own. It's across town, so hopefully Shoshana will sleep in the stroller while I walk around the neighborhood for 3 hours! We are going to help take care of a buddy's dog who lives over there and then I am hoping to post at a cafe or ice cream shop (oh yeah) and get some drawing and writing done while the baby naps. That's the big idea. I could be stuck in the sweltering heat with a cranky baby that won't sleep too, but let's hope that doesn't happen. And hey maybe in 4 days with 2 free hours with no children awake and no home tasks to complete, I can write a children's book! Okay, maybe not the whole thing, but I will at least get started.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here

U: You have become an amazing and caring big brother this summer. Your love and sweetness towards your sister makes me so happy. You make up all sorts of fun games to play together. And this week you started swimming lessons and one day we walked to the bakery afterwards and drew and talked and laughed (and ate chocolate cake) while you sister slept in the stroller. It was lovely to have time with just you. 

S: today at the river you kept saying "here comes me!". It was so enthusiastic and sweet. This morning you asked if we were going to farmer's market and when I said yes, you yelled "Yay! Farmer's market!" while jumping up and down. It made you seem like a big kid. You make us crack up all the time.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here

U: climbing up high in the trees and on ladders. 
S: picking cherries in the orchard, your face and chest was completely covered with red juice.