Monday, August 4, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here.

This week was true summer, with no plans in place. Lots of time at home and in the garden, on hikes in the woods, visiting creeks and splashing in fountains. Picking blueberries. We went to several outdoor concerts and had some late bedtimes, which was actually great. Many picnic dinners and pushes on swings. 

U: You got to see and pet two (no longer alive) beavers this week at nature centers, you were very excited. This morning you were dressed like a beaver and laid out everything you owned related to beavers. All books were opened to the appropriate page showing pictures of beavers. Your beaver phase is still going strong. 

S: this week you have been going up to your brother and saying "hold my sister hand". This morning I overheard you ask your brother "What you draw? An angler fish?". Yesterday you were dancing at the flaming lips show and called the big puppets on the stage "muppets". You are constantly patting me and saying "i love you" and kissing me and giving big hugs. you are always gauging emotions and asking people "are you happy right now?". 

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