Saturday, October 18, 2014

our summer, part two.

Trips to a different river every week, finding new secret spots, always trying to avoid a crowd. Finding a snake in the rocks and watching it swim across the water to the other side. Swimming in the deep spots, always trying to catch tiny fish. Finding perfect seats made from smooth rocks. 

Fourth of July weekend visits from the other set of grandparents. Barbecues on blankets in the backyard, U and I making our annual flag cake, and being thankful there were so many other people around to help us eat the cake (it's pretty big for just the four of us). Going to watch the fireworks on the ridge over the wetlands, with just the boys, what a treat. Making many trips out to Sauvie Island to pick blueberries from our favorite blueberry farm

Lots of hiking, both of the urban and wild. Always hikes with water nearby, as both the kids can be entertained by water for hours. Rock scrambling up very high hills. Feeling the wet moss against the mountain, dripping with water from snowmelt. 

Fairy houses built: check, first roller coaster rides: check (he was not a fan), a new lover of the carousel: check, collecting every beaver item in the house to display: check, a million dinners outside on our new picnic table, when the littlest one only comes to eat when dessert is being served: check, rosy red cheeks and picking so many berries and wagon rides with your sibling: check, catching crawdads: check.

 Our first beach vacation! We returned to our magical sand dunes beach where we had an amazing time back when we were just a family of three. We went into Newport and ate fish and chips and watched the sea lions. We got to stay in a mansion of a beach house due to some very generous family members and had so much fun. There was a lot of candy, hot tubbing, pool swimming, tide pooling and beach splashing. We visited some of the most abundant tide pools I have ever seen and caught lots of fun creatures (which we examined and then let go, of course). I touched many an anemone. We got to visit the aquarium at night and wander around in the dark and go through the shark tunnel and I had some very special moments with a sea otter, my most favorite animal.

 Swimming lessons everyday. Stopping by friends' houses on our way home. Walking to the library and then to the bakery where we buy a baguette, and then take it to the tables outside and fill with avocado and sprinkle with salt and eat and draw while the baby naps. Back to school picnics and snow cones. Experiments in the backyard. Final trips to the river where we are joined by baby deer, and followed by chocolate dipped cones. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here.
eating hazelnuts in the backyard after school, and making funny faces on the seesaw on a cloudy day. 

U: eating hazelnuts in the backyard after school and being silly. drawing in every spare second you have, you do it in bed before you fall asleep and I wake up to you opening the art cabinet to get your pens and paper. you have been drawing lots of deep sea creatures, animals in general, ninjas, and pages filled with every sweet treat you can think of. 

S: when abba went in your room to check on you the other night, he found you curled up with an electric candle in your bed, pen in your hand, and a paper filled with elaborate scribbles on top of a book you used as your hard surface to draw on- just like your brother. it was very sweet and funny.