Sunday, October 5, 2014

our summer, part one.

Our summer began with birthdays, starting with the littlest of our crew. Our little lady turned two, and requested I paint her face like kitty for the occasion. There was an almond cake with whipped cream and strawberries (each family member has a special cake we eat every birthday and that is hers), a barbecue, and playing at the park. She finally got her very own birthday crown.

There was a wild garden, with many harvests. So many raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peas, lettuce, kale. Beets, parsley, green beans, and favas. Little carrots, sorrel, arugula, garlic scapes. Calendula everywhere.

There were picnics in the rose garden, and visits from Grammie. Chocolate chip cookies and baguette sandwiches. Sprinkles of rain, and delicious sunshine. Hiding in the bushes, and running in the grass.

Breakfast at a new favorite spot. Lots of art, indoors and out, watercolor painting, drawing, writing letters, building things, playing with clay. Making costumes. 

Our first camping trip of the season, the week school let out (school went very late this year). Camping with the scouts, playing in a dry riverbed, catching dragonflies and butterflies, following animal tracks. 

Early mornings- breakfasts of sausages, hot cocoa, grilled cheese and ham sandwiches with rhubarb jam. Berries from the backyard. Many trips to strawberry pick at the farm. Our last trip, we got caught out in a field during a rainstorm and took cover under the big old oak tree. Strawberry ice cream, strawberry shortcake, and canning so many kinds of strawberry jam. 


Trips to our favorite u-pick farm around, for so many pounds of delicious cherries. Every year we try to pick more than we did the last, as they never last us through the whole winter even though we try to ration them. Our family's favorite jam that I make is the cherry vanilla, made all with hood river cherries. So we make lots of jam, and freeze some for smoothies and milkshakes too.

Tire swinging, hiding in the shade under the oaks on the new hot days. Just the start of summer, and such a good one too.

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