Tuesday, November 25, 2014


 A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here.
An adventure with friends up north.

U: fishing with the grownups at the lake. you didn't want to leave. looking for trolls in the woods, playing with clay, sleeping in bunk beds. I can see how wonderful it is for you to hang out with other grownups besides your parents, especially ones that have know you since you were born. 

S: swings are one of your absolute favorite things. we also walked in big puddles in our rain boots. bubbles, playing with your buddy ruby, reading books, petting the doggie. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

new sketches

Just some sketches I am working on. Kids, nature, fairy tales, animals. Trying to make the time everyday to draw. I drew the picture at the bottom while the kids played at the park one day. I even brought my little watercolor set to the park one day and added a little color to some drawings.  It's hard to find the time to finish things nicely or watercolor them, as that generally needs to be done when the kids aren't around. But my sketchbooks fill up rather quickly these days. They often climb and bump me while I am drawing and I usually get some of their scribbles added to my work. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

hikes with kids: september trip to opal creek

    (the rock slides)

For the weekend after my birthday, we headed south to Opal Creek. It is a tradition to go there for my birthday every year (although next year, I am hoping to head east to Smith Rock). We spent my birthday camping there with friends a few years ago, and decided to head back that way with two kids in tow this time. We headed up there late on Friday, and the campsite we were expecting to camp at was closed. So we drove through the forest in the dark, trying to find a good spot to pitch our tent. We found an awesome primitive campground on the river, filled with twinkling lantern lights, but all the sites were filled. It was quite the adventure and we ended up finding an interesting spot deep in the forest to quickly pitch our tent and sleep.

The next day we drove to find another campground. We found a nice spot on the river, set up our tent and got a fire going. We tend to eat the same things while camping, and they are all treats that we all look forward to every camping trip. We made coffee and hot cocoa, and grilled cheese sandwiches with aged cheddar, basil and rhubarb jam. Some sausages too, all cooked on the fire. Then we headed out to Opal Creek to begin our hiking adventure.

The hike is a bit over 6 miles round trip, but Uzi did the whole thing with no complaints- it was awesome! There were red huckleberries along the whole trail, which was some great motivation. I also packed some chocolate covered sunflower seeds too, which was a yummy treat. The trail is gravel and is pretty flat the whole way. The hike is not particularly picturesque, mostly due to the gravel and it is pretty popular so there are a good amount of people around, but the water makes it all worth it. The water is so cold and so gorgeous. It is this astonishing green blue color, I have never seen water quite like it. We stopped at the rock water slides for lunch and the boys slid down the natural water slides into the cold pools. I swam out in the cold water and floated. We hiked a little more to the big Opal pool where I quickly stripped down to my swimsuit and jumped in. The family watched from the bridge as I took my final swim for the day. It was lovely and gorgeous. We wandered through Jawbone Flats and checked out all the old cars and mining equipment. One day, I would love to stay at the cabins there.

We hiked back out and then headed to our campsite for some supper and s'mores. We often bring a baguette and make chocolate sandwiches with olive oil and sea salt, cooked over the fire. They are delicious. We explored and played in the Santiam River the next day before packing up and heading to Silver Falls state park to meet up with Uzi's scout group. We did a little more hiking (including behind a waterfall) and creek playing before we headed home. It was a very nice birthday, indeed.


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here

Hiking in the cold wintery weather. We collected ice, looked for beavers and lampreys, and collected some sticks. The sun was shining and we followed the river. 

Sunday, November 9, 2014


A portrait of my little ones, once a week, every week in 2014, see more here.

So I missed a few weeks of posting portraits. I will have to look back and see if I have any photos of those weeks. There has been a bit of sickness in the house and many visitors as well. 

U: you have been reading so well in both english and french, it is such a pleasure to see it all click for you. you are now into pokemon, since your friends at school introduced you to it. you like to draw all the little characters, who are all pretty dang cute. this week you were telling me about a bad word a friend at school told you (it was not a real word) and you asked "so where do grownups learn all the bad words? where did they teach them to you- at college?". 

S: you love sitting and reading books out loud to yourself. you love to help me in the kitchen, this morning you helped me make granola- you love to add the ingredients to the bowl and mix it up. you were sick the other day but so cute and snuggly and sad. i laid with you pretty much all day and then we went on a walk around the neighborhood. you love being out and about, and anytime someone leaves the house you want to go with.