Sunday, February 22, 2015


Today was a lovely Sunday. The sun was out and shining, which always makes things pleasurable in the winter. Josh had to go to work for a bit, so the kids and I made smoothies and almond butter toast (a regular, simple breakfast around these parts) and sat in the backyard in the cold winter sun and enjoyed. 

While the kids created various chaos in the backyard (tying themselves from ropes in trees, creating a mud pit, etc.), I cleaned up some of the winter debris in the garden. Josh heavily pruned many trees (mostly our figs, lilacs, and butterfly bush) in our yard in the fall, so we have been slowly composting the branches that have been sitting in big piles in the yard. Pulling out giant mullein stalks and cutting down our pearly everlasting and oregano flowers. Envisioning the changes I want to make this year, and the things I want to plant. Swept the patio as best as I could and put tools and toys in their proper places. 

Then we headed out to the tidbit food carts for lunch. I have been really enjoying the food at Namu, which is a Korean/Hawaiian cart, and pretty dang delicious. I have been experimenting with a gluten free diet for the last couple months to see if it helps with some of my health symptoms, and Namu has lots of items I can eat. The sun was still shining so we decided to walk up to Salt & Straw (this might have been the second visit this week- sunshine and ice cream just go together!) and get some cones. This month they have been collaborating with local Portland chocolatiers on their flavors, and there are some really delicious flavors right now. I think tied for my favorite are "Cocanu's Coffee and Craque" and "Xocolatl de David's Brown Butter Chocolate Bars"- yowza! 

We stopped at the new-ish Little Otsu store on the way back, which I have been meaning to check out since they opened. I picked up a sweet little winter-y card by Ayumi Piland (one half of APAK) for the kids' nature table and a birthday present, a little space themed iron on patch, for my boy. Back home for uploading photos and listening to podcasts while the kids play at the park for a bit, which is one of my favorite things to do. I really love to have the house to myself for even 20 minutes and to go through my photos uninterrupted. 

Now it's time to get the house ready for the week, put away laundry and start dinner. I think our tummies are still pretty full, so I think we are going to stick to something simple- I will whip up some peanut sauce and chop up a bunch of raw veggies and bake some tofu and that will be dinner! 

Hope your week is bright and good. 

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