Monday, August 31, 2015

this summer

This summer has been lovely and simple. Not quite so many adventures out of town as usual, although I think we still have time to pack a couple more in before school starts. Lots of time exploring and enjoying this awesome city of ours. Swim lessons almost everyday all summer and lots of family swim times every week. A couple visits to the ocean. A camping trip with friends, with wild children running between campsites. So many trips to the library and parks. Some river swims. Visits from grandparents.

We have felt very busy but in a really fun way- there are just so many activities for kiddos in Portland and I am appreciating all the options we have. I can't believe summer is almost over. There are school supplies to restock and uniforms to purchase. Our littlest is about to start at the same beloved co-op preschool her brother went to, and she has already gotten her new lunchbox which she is very excited about. We have one week left of summer and are planning to fill it with all our favorite summer things.

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